Custom Modified Commodore 64 for MSSIAH & Prophet64
designed especially to run the prophet64 / MSSIAH TB-303 emulator,
monosynth, Drum machine & sequencer


+ 4 analogue controllers
+ SID2SID with 2 x 8580 SID chips
+ 2 x switches to disable the SID2SID - for backward compatibility
+ Enhanced classic keyboard, in an original C64 shell.
+MSSIAH function keys, custom colour scheme not available anywhere else!
+ Stereo audio out from modified C64 A/V out (cable provided)
+ Custom underside label Serial # 001
+ shielded internal wiring
+ days of work put into it!
+ Comes with wicked case with foam insert case, power pack, C2N tape deck, AV cable.


- The pots can be disabled (so they don't affect mouse control) by turning them all to full.
+ Audio input is disabled (grounded) to reduce noise.
+ great support community exists on

Audio Samples from this machine:




Here's a tune I whipped up in 10 mins using sampled sounds from a similar machine
and drums off a magazine cover CD, on the demo of Ableton Live